Balanced Life? Balanced Self.

Quite often throughout the year but especially as we get into the holiday season and the year end, we reflect on the past year and plan for next year. A recurring theme revolves around our desire to lead a "more balanced life". 

Our lives are hectic, the pace of business and family life can be frenetic. It seems often that we never have time to finish the items that clamor for our attention much less the things we want to do for fun!

Often, I read books on time and life management that have great templates, forms and ideas on how to balance all the activities in our lives. These tools are good and are quite helpful when employed!

What I have noticed in myself however, was that while I was focused on the external aspects of balancing my activities and interests by allocating so much time each day or each week to those categories of activities or roles in my life, it was still quite challenging to keep up the intensity and maintain the list of activities that needed to be accomplished. Further, it seemed that instead of being able to enjoy the satisfaction of crossing off items on my to do list- I still seemed frustrated.

I then was reminded that I was starting from the outside and not the interior of my being. Sure, I had written down what I wanted, my dreams, goals and interests. But what I was neglecting to factor into my "balanced life" template, were the things that fed my soul, kept me mentally and emotionally healthy and gave me the focus and energy to accomplish my goals.

What I would encourage is a mindset that looks to balance the self- the inner parts of us. Are we spending time in meditation or prayer to calm the mental chatter and to align the spirit and the mind? Are we getting enough sleep? Are we investing in our mental and physical energy, not to mention our health through eating healthier and working out? Are we including rest times, vacation times and time to unwind? Are we including time for our spouses and our families?

All of these items feed our soul! When they are honored in our lives, they allow for greater focus, greater energy and a higher level of happiness and peace. Isn't this a great deal of what we want the end result of our "doing" to be? 

I promise you, that if you make sleep, healthy diet, time off from work and time with family and friends a priority, you will gain depth in your life and soul while still accomplishing the things in life and business that are important to you!

Have a great holiday and let me be one of the first to wish you an awesome 2019!